MM52 / Wrong Cops (2013) 

Wrong Cops (2013)

Names: Blogi mentai
IMDB Rating: 6 ( 6641 Votes ) ; Critic Score: 2.5
Director: ;
Company: Realitism Films, Country: FR, Language: EN
Runtime: 83 min , Rated: Not Rated

Brief: Duke is a crooked and music-mad police officer. Frankly, he's a really bad cop. He deals recreational drugs and loves to bully the citizens of Los Angeles. Among Duke's partners in the department are a sexually abusive policeman, an extortionist blonde, a family guy with a dubious past, and a one-eyed extremist who dreams of becoming a techno musician. Their once smoothly running corrupt scheme develops a critical flaw when a guy whom Duke shots by accident and stuffs in the trunk of his car suddenly turns out to b...