MM52 / Sputnik (2013) 

Sputnik (2013)

Names: A Szputnyik küldetés
IMDB Rating: 6 ( 136 Votes ) ;
Director: ; ;
Company: Ostlicht Filmproduktion, Country: DE, Language: DE
Runtime: 90 min ,

Brief: An adventurous story about the "real" happenings of November 9, 1989 in Germany, the day the wall came down! For ten-year-old Frederike (10) October 1989 gets off to a disastrous start: her beloved Uncle Mike (27) is expelled from the GDR and has to leave the country within 48 hours. Inspired by her big idol Captain Kirk, Frederike and her friends Jonathan (10) and Fabian (10) construct a teleporting machine to "beam" herself to West Berlin to visit her uncle Mike. But the experiment dramatically fails. Instead of ...