MM52 / Da wei lu man (2013) 

Da wei lu man (2013)

Names: David Loman
IMDB Rating: 4 ( 289 Votes ) ;
Director: ;
Company: Polyface Films, Country: TW, Language: NAN
Runtime: 98 min ,

Brief: While working for a gang boss, Zhu Da De unwittingly becomes the man in charge after accidentally setting off a major shootout that took out the rest of the gang. Renaming himself David Loman, Zhu Da De would stand at the top for over a decade. The price of Loman's fame and power is losing his daughter, who has become resentful towards him. When a fortune teller tells Loman to lie low for awhile or he will get killed, he decides to find a fengshui master who resembles him to to be his stand-in for a few days. After...