MM52 / Wo kou de zong ji (2011) 

Wo kou de zong ji (2011)

Names: 倭寇的踪迹
IMDB Rating: 5.4 ( 520 Votes ) ;
Director: ;
Country: CN, Language: CMN
Runtime: 108 min , Rated: PG-13

Brief: Once upon a time in the Southern Chinese city of Guancheng, there lived four families, each of them faithful keepers of martial arts. Anyone who wanted to establish a new sect, or a new form of kung fu, had to fight his way through the family's gates. But when Liang Henlu requests a competition, he is rejected and driven out of town, his strange new weapon mistaken for a Japanese sword and therefore forbidden by purist Chinese masters as a foreign fighting device. Liang is taken for a Japanese pirate and forced to ...