MM52 / Se diu ying hung: Dung sing sai jau (1993) 

Se diu ying hung: Dung sing sai jau (1993)

Names: Se diu ying hung ji dung sing sai jau
IMDB Rating: 7.2 ( 1985 Votes ) ;
Director: ;
Company: Jet Tone Production, Country: HK, Language: YUE
Runtime: 100 min ,

Brief: A parody of Louis Cha's novel The Eagle Shooting Heroes (thats the literal translation). Story begins with the Queen of Golden Wheel Kingdom had an affair with her cousin West Poison, and they planned to take over the Kingdom. The 3rd Princess discovered their treason, but she was defeated by West Poison. She flees and sought her master's help. He told her of a powerful secret martial arts manual hidden in the mountains and told her by retrieving the manual and learning it she would be able to defeat West...